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TAMIMA EDP is the embodiment of feminine sensuality, tenderness and mystery, which every man seeks to know. The image that inspired the perfumers to create the composition TAMIMA is a young, independent and spectacular woman with a magnetic charm, natural charm and charming charisma that is impossible to resist.
The fragrance creates a soft, but at the same time dynamic and intriguing atmosphere of passion and seduction, bewitching and captivating those around you into the world of sweet dreams and fantasies.

TAMIMA is universal. It goes equally well with both daytime and evening attire, emphasizing the bright individuality, irresistible and impeccable sense of style of its owner.

The top notes of the fragrance reveal themselves in a luxurious combination of exotic fruit and rose flower accords. Then harmonious heart notes smoothly enter the ensemble, which manifest themselves in the light and fresh sound of ripe watermelon and kiwi berries. Delicate and enchanting base loop, woven from floral-spicy pink cyclamen and musk, will fill the sophisticated fragrance with a cheerful, spring mood. Perfect harmony of content and form.